Recycle your TV

Recycle your TV! Don’t dump it!

UPDATED 11-28-22

Please Recycle your TV. Dumping it in the trash is illegal and TV’s have harmful metals that could end up in our water supply. By recycling your TV, you help the environment, wildlife and yourself.

If you are getting a new TV, i can install it for you and even safely dispose of your old one for a fee. See TV installer for Indianapolis

Recycle your TV

Places to recycle your TV

There are a couple of places to recycle a TV in Indianapolis. The companies listed below offer DROP OFF SERVICE. Some are free and others charge a small fee.

Indianapolis Eastside-
CRT’s and LCD, LED AND PLASMA TV’S (see below for cost)
Greenwave recycling (317) 899-0000
6555 E 30th St suite D
Indianapolis IN 46219
Public drop off hours are MONDAY-FRIDAY 7am to 3pm
CRT Televisions & Rear-Projection Televisions: $20.00
Up to two LCD, Plasma, or LED televisions for FREE. Each additional LCD, Plasma, or LED television will incur a $10.00 per television processing fee.
NOTE: Public drop off customers have to go to west side of building to dock 1 or 2. Help is available at the dock!

Technology Recyclers  800-237-3887
8401 East Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46219
– Drop off location: 8401 E Washington St Indianapolis 46219
– Days and times: Monday – Friday 9:00 to 3:00 pm ONLY – Do not drop off outside of those times. If the fence is closed, do not drop.
– Our staff will help you unload: Look for the yellow sign to drop off area. If you cannot come into the office, call 800-237-3887
There is a FEE for TVS and Monitors – All Screens (any size) are $20.00 each (CASH OR CHECK ONLY)

End of life electronics (EOLE)
15529 Stony Creek Way 46060

Drop off hours by appointment only! M-F 9:30 to 5:00 pm, Saturday 9:30 to 12 pm.

They do have public drop off but YOU MUST CALL 317-849-7314 FOR AN APPOINTMENT and to get a price!! You can also use the contact form


Seasons Greetings

We keep meeting great people! We have had a blessed year but even if we didn’t, God is still good, no matter what. We wish you all the best in the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.


Christmas Play house for Kids

One of a kind Christmas themed play house for the kids in 2020.

Your kids will love this indoor play house. They can spend hours
using their imagination and making this space their own. After
the holidays are over, just remove the decorations for year round

2020 Christmas play house for kids

Christmas play house comes as shown with Gnome in the top window, white lights on the outside, colored lights on the inside, power strip, bow wreath and a blanket of “snow” on the roof. Cost is 500.00 and includes delivery and set up in your home. If you wish to pick it up and assemble yourself, cost is 450.00.

It is designed to back up to a wall therefore, the back is not covered. If desired, simply hang up a sheet to cover the framing on the backside.

Gnome in Christmas play house
Gnome keeping watch as Christmas gets closer

Designed for indoor use. If you want to use outdoors, playhouse
must be primed, caulked and painted with exterior paint. It will also need to be secured to the ground or pavement to prevent shifting.

Width is 73 1/2 inches (roof edge to roof edge)
Depth is 48 inches (front to back)
Height is 61 1/2 inches

for questions, comments or suggestions please email or call by
going to the contact page


Thank you to all my customers

Merry Christmas

Winter is right around the corner

Before freezing temperatures arrive, here is a checklist just for you-

outdoor spigot

Outdoor spigots (faucets)

  • Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor spigots.
  • Turn off the water supply to those spigots. If you don’t where the shut off valves are, they are usually located in the garage or in a closet.
  • Once you turn off the water to the spigot, go outside and turn it on to drain any remaining water. This also makes sure the water has been turned off.


  • Start winter off with clean gutters! Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause damage and cost you money down the road.


  • Check the seals around your exterior doors. Replace if torn or missing. Don’t forget the door sweep. This is the vinyl strip attached to the bottom of the door. To replace this, the door may have to be taken off the hinges.


  • Fill cracks around doors, windows and trim with a quality caulk. Options are water based acrylic latex with silicone, solvent based urethane or elastomeric. Solvent based caulks supposedly hold up better for exterior use. DO NOT use 100% silicone.
  • Some caulks are available in different colors to better match your home. You can also use clear caulk, which comes out white but dries clear. If using the clear, wipe off excess with a damp cloth before it dries because it will have a glossy sheen to it.

Close crawl space vents

  • Closing these vents will prevent cold floors and keep water pipes from freezing.
  • Check the crawl entry door and make sure it’s closed.

Have a happy Fall!


Furniture Assembly Service

An awesome Furniture Assembly Service for Indianapolis, Fishers Indiana, Carmel Indiana and surrounding areas.

Are you buying new furniture that needs assembly but haven’t the time? Or maybe you opened up the box, looked inside and said “Someone please assemble my furniture!

Furniture Assembly Service to the rescue!

Indy Install Service is one of Indy’s best Assembly Services. I can assemble your TV stand, table, bookcase, dresser, bed and other furniture (even kitchen cabinets). I have the tools, patience and expertise. You can concentrate on other things and your new piece of furniture will be ready for use in no time.

Reviews of Indy Install Service

Furniture Assembly Service cost

The assembly cost for items already at your home-

  • Single item such as a Bookcase, stand, small desk, or under bed drawers = $60.0
  • Larger item such as a Bed, big desk, Chest of drawers, entertainment center = $79.00
  • Discounts for multiples!

Ready to assemble furniture

Ready To Assemble or “RTA furniture” has really grown in popularity. One reason is the lower cost over ready made furniture. It’s less expensive because they ship it in flat boxes, thereby saving transportation and storage costs. Consumers also like the selection of styles and colors available.

furniture assembly service

Manufacturers of ready to assemble furniture include IKEA, Sauder, Bush, Cymax, just to name a few. The online retailer Wayfair sells a good selection of RTA furniture. You can even order RTA Kitchen cabinets from several companies.

For furniture assembly service, contact me today and set up your appointment!


Smart TV’s and Privacy

smart tv's can listen

Smart TV’s and privacy

Smart is good. TV…good (well, some of it anyway). Privacy…good. But what about “Smart TV’s AND privacy?

Televisions have come a long way in the last few years. They’re thinner, lighter and smarter. If you have a “Smart” TV or thinking about buying one, there is something you should know. It could be spying on you. Saaay WHAT?

Does the tv you own (or thinking about buying) have voice recognition? Voice recognition means that your television can listen for commands. Commands such as “go to channel 32”. Pretty cool but does that mean it listens “all the time”? Well, sort of.

Does it have ACR (automatic content recognition)? This little feature basically tracks your viewing habits and can send that information off to a third party. Who is that third party and what do they do with that information? Hmm. If the TV has either one of these features, you should be able to turn these off if you have any privacy concerns.

Consumer Reports has an article about Smart TVs and privacy you may find useful. If any of the above information is inaccurate, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy viewing!


Install a new door knob

I can install a new door knob

Install a new door knob will do wonders for doors.  This may also include deadbolts and even door hinges. I also adjust entry doors, interior doors and screen doors so they operate smoothly.

Door hardware problems-

  • Won’t stay shut or lock
  • Door knob is loose or doesn’t operate smoothly
  • Knob or lever is broken
  • You want a different color or finish

Won’t stay shut or lock-

This usually happens when the latch (the part on the door that goes in and out) doesn’t line up with the strike plate. This can happen if the home has settled and causes the door frame to be out of square. I can fix this for you.

Latch for entry door
Latch for entry door

Strike plate in door frame
Strike plate in door frame







Knob is loose or doesn’t operate smoothly-

Sometimes the door hardware just needs replacing. Lubricating the knob and latch and tightening the screws will sometimes fix this problem. If the latch is the problem, i can replace it with another one (depending on the brand).

Door knob or lever is not working-

I can install a new door knob for Indianapolis area. After you buy the new knob or lever, give me a call or use the contact form to set up an appointment. You will have to decide on the color and finish of the new hardware. Ask yourself if you want it to match the door hinges or other hardware.

install a new door knob
Door knob installation service

You want a different color or finish-

If the hardware is more than 10 years old, the finish probably has spots or is worn. And, you may want to update the hardware with a different look anyway. The most popular COLORS for door hardware are gold or brass, nickel, chrome and black. A lot of hardware manufacturers also offer different “finishes” (the appearance of the color). Examples are bright (shiny), antique, brushed, satin, oil rubbed. After you have decided on the color and finish, contact me so we can set up an appointment for the installation.

“A new knob or lever for the front door can really dress things up”

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you should think about putting on some new entry door hardware. It makes a great impression when walking up to the front of a home.

Let me install a new door knob for you!

With my experience and the right tools, you don’t have to worry about trying to do it yourself or waiting on a family member to do it. Call today to set up an appointment or use the Contact form




Garage storage

You have many options for Garage storage. You could buy –

  • Free standing plastic or metal shelving units. These take up floor space
  • Wall cabinets made of composite wood. These swell up when they get wet.
  • Wall cabinets made of metal. These can be pricey.
  • Expensive melamine or laminate cabinets installed by a garage storage company.

Another option for garage storage-

Instead of considering one of the above options, you could also use Indy Install Service to install wood shelving made of OSB. That’s short for “oriented strand board”. It is not that expensive and depending on the depth of the shelves you want, you can get 2 to 4 “strips” out of a 4 by 8 sheet.

garage shelving made of wood
Wood shelving for your garage

Garage Shelving

The above picture is of wood garage shelving.The shelving is 16”deep. There is a total of two 12 foot long shelves.The supports attach to the ceiling and were spaced according to the size of plastic totes the homeowner had on hand. Cost of materials is about 40.00. Labor to install this shelving would cost 140.00 for a total cost of 180.00. A big plus is that it does not take up floor space.

Wood Shelving for Garage

The wood shelving below was made to fit over a washer and dryer and still have room to remove a thick, pleated furnace filter (on right). There are four levels to this shelving. Since this shelving is thinner (7/16) furring strips were added under the front edge for strength.Notice that one level is above the door.The cost to install this unit would be slightly higher than the one above.

garage storage wood shelving
Custom fit garage shelving

So, Garage Storage does NOT have to be expensive. For your garage storage needs in indy,fishers,carmel,westfield or other towns in central Indiana, call Indy Install Service for a free quote. You can also send your wall measurements through the contact form.


TV installation Indianapolis

TV installation Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Hire the services of a professional to get the results you want. A TV is an expensive appliance, so you want to make sure that the mounting is correct so there is no damage from falling. This is especially true for large, flat screen TVs. There are many reasons why it might be better for you to let a professional install your TV.

TV installation Indianapolis


1. Best TV Placement

Professionals are better able to determine the appropriate placement of your TV. Simply express your desires to the technician, and he or she will work to make sure you have your TV in a position that you like but is also the best for viewing. For instance, the place where you might have placed your TV (if you had installed it on your own) might not have been the best placement for it. A TV installation Indianapolis service will take things like viewing angle into consideration.

“A perfect example is, many people like to mount their TVs above their fireplaces but this is usually not recommended.”

However, in some cases it is the only option. The technician will determine if this is feasible. This article titled “Where should i put my TV?” may give you some tips.

2. Secure TV Mounting

Professionals are better able to securely mount your TV. They have the appropriate mounting supplies like brackets, nuts, bolts, drills, levels and other tools to ensure that your TV is securely mounted. On top of that, they are specially trained in the best procedures and techniques for securely mounting TVs to a wall with studs, brick or stone. Of course, you want to ensure that your TV is securely mounted so that it doesn’t fall and ruin the unit or even worse, injure someone.

3. Hiding Wires

Another reason why it might be in your best interest to hire professionals for your TV installation in Indianapolis is because they are capable of hiding any wires that you don’t want seen. Many people hate the appearance of wires poking out from behind their appliances, and if you attempt to install a TV on your own, you might not know the best way to hide the wires. Professional technicians can hide wires and give you a nice clean install.

Oftentimes, your TV is the focal point of the room. So, the best install will maintain the aesthetics of that room. Professional technicians possess the knowledge and skills for the best TV installation for Indianapolis.

4. Insured TV installation Indianapolis

A professional service will (or should) have insurance. So, just in case they make a mistake, you don’t have to worry about being out any money. Their insurance will take care of replacement and re-installation.

Go here for prices on TV installation

Contact page


Why Doesn’t Pynwheel inc Pay the Installer?


This problem has been resolved!

Light fixtures

Exterior lights

Exterior lights can be a nice upgrade and add to curb appeal. If your home is more than a few years old, the fixtures installed by the builder may be tarnished or outdated.  You can fix that for anywhere between 10.00 and 60.00 per fixture.

Some fixtures (those with frosted or bubbled glass) do a better job of hiding those ugly, energy efficient “curly” or spiral bulbs.

Old, builder installed coach light for house
Old, builder installed “coach light”. About 10 years old

Exterior lights (coach light).
New exterior coach light.

Notice how this fixture looks better and does a better job of hiding the CFL (spiral) bulb

Pay attention to the number of bulbs used. A fixture that uses several will cost you more when they burn out. Types of exterior lights (fixtures) that i can install for you are—

  • Coach light. Also called Lantern, Sconce, Uplight, or Downlight, these are usually installed on one or both sides of the overhead garage door. They are also used near the entry or back door. Finishes are white, black, brown, green, brass, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, etc….
  • Flushmount. Also called a ceiling light, these are used at entries and for interior ceilings as well.

Exterior lights installation cost (indiana)

Labor only — To come out and install 1 fixture = $80.00

        2 or more fixtures = $45.00 each  (rates are more if extension ladder is needed)

Service hours for replacing your exterior lights

Recycle your paper and cardboard. To find a recycling center near you, use the Indiana recycling directory


A New Installation Service

The old scenario:

You want something installed or replaced. You buy it online or through your favorite store. Then, you have to arrange for someone to install it. If you work during the day (like most people), that means you have to take off work or arrange for someone to be at your residence.

There IS another option.

The New Scenario:

To better serve customers who can’t take off of work, Indy Install Service is offering “after hours” and weekend installation of household items. Nice! We look forward to meeting YOUR needs.

We also welcome your comments and suggestions.


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