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Winter is right around the corner

Before freezing temperatures arrive, here is a checklist just for you- Outdoor spigots (faucets) Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor spigots. Turn off the water supply to those spigots. If you don’t where the shut off valves are, they are usually

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Recycle your TV

Recycle your TV! Don’t dump it! Please Recycle your TV. Dumping it in the trash is illegal and TV’s have harmful metals that could end up in our water supply. By recycling your TV, you help the environment, wildlife and

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Smart TV’s and Privacy

Smart TV’s and privacy Smart is good. TV…good (well, some of it anyway). Privacy…good. But what about “Smart TV’s AND privacy? Televisions have come a long way in the last few years. They’re thinner, lighter and smarter. If you have a

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TV installation Indianapolis

TV installation Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Hire the services of a professional to get the results you want. A TV is an expensive appliance, so you want to make sure that the mounting is correct so there is no damage

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Why Doesn’t Pynwheel inc Pay the Installer?

**UPDATE** This problem has been resolved!

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A New Installation Service

The old scenario: You want something installed or replaced. You buy it online or through your favorite store. Then, you have to arrange for someone to install it. If you work during the day (like most people), that means you

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