Light fixtures

Exterior lights

Exterior lights can be a nice upgrade and add to curb appeal. If your home is more than a few years old, the fixtures installed by the builder may be tarnished or outdated.  You can fix that for anywhere between 10.00 and 60.00 per fixture.

Some fixtures (those with frosted or bubbled glass) do a better job of hiding those ugly, energy efficient “curly” or spiral bulbs.

Old, builder installed coach light for house
Old, builder installed “coach light”. About 10 years old
Exterior lights (coach light).
New exterior coach light.

Notice how this fixture looks better and does a better job of hiding the CFL (spiral) bulb

Pay attention to the number of bulbs used. A fixture that uses several will cost you more when they burn out. Types of exterior lights (fixtures) that i can install for you are—

  • Coach light. Also called Lantern, Sconce, Uplight, or Downlight, these are usually installed on one or both sides of the overhead garage door. They are also used near the entry or back door. Finishes are white, black, brown, green, brass, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, etc….
  • Flushmount. Also called a ceiling light, these are used at entries and for interior ceilings as well.

Exterior lights installation cost (indiana)

Labor only — To come out and install 1 fixture = $80.00

        2 or more fixtures = $45.00 each  (rates are more if extension ladder is needed)

Service hours for replacing your exterior lights

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