Garbage Disposal Indianapolis

Before replacing your garbage disposal, check a few things first. If it still won’t work, give me a call.

You can use this checklist for a possible fix

“My garbage disposal sounds horrible, like it’s coming apart”

Something may be in there that should not be.
1. Go to the breaker box and turn off the circuit breaker for the disposal
2. To make sure you turned off the correct breaker, turn on the switch to the disposal. The unit should NOT turn on.
3. Use your flashlight to look into the disposal. Check for objects such as flatware, bones, even jewelry (any rings missing from your fingers?)
4. If you don’t find anything in there-give me a call  317-2zero7-4668

“My disposal makes this humming noise”

1. Go to the breaker box and turn off the circuit breaker for the disposal
2. Make sure the disposal does NOT hum or turn on when you flip the electrical switch in the kitchen
3. Take your flashlight and look in the disposal. Check for objects such as flatware, bones, jewelry, etc…
4. Remove any objects and then turn the breaker in the breaker box back on.
5. Turn the disposal on. If it still hums, turn it off.
6. Most units have a shaft with an allen head that is located on the bottom of the disposal (see picture). If you have any allen wrenches, you can use one to manually turn the motor. This may free it up. If not, give me a call 317-2zero7-4668

garbage disposal shaft with allen head
Red arrow shows allen head on motor shaft

“When i turn the garbage disposal on, i don’t hear anything at all”

1. Take your flashlight and look at the bottom of the garbage disposal. Most units have a red reset button (see picture). Push the button in.

Reset button on garbage disposal
Arrow points to reset button

2. If the disposal does not work, check for any tripped circuit breakers in the breaker box.
3. If no circuit breakers are tripped-give me a call 317-2zero7-4668

“If the unit needs to be replaced, what are my options?”

  • Most household garbage disposals are one third or one half horsepower models. You can spend more money and get three quarter or one horsepower models.
  • Prices range from about $70.00 up to almost $300.00. You can look at the garbage disposal you have and see if there is a horsepower rating on it.

Note: If you use the disposal a lot, you might want get a one half or three quarter horsepower model instead of the one third.

“What do you charge to replace my disposal?”

If you buy the disposal yourself, i charge $ 99.00 labor to install it PLUS any parts that may be needed.

For your convenience, here are links to home improvement stores

Tips for using Garbage disposals-

1. Avoid putting in eggshells, bones, grease, stringy/fibrous things such as celery.
2. Every once in awhile, turn on the hot water, turn the disposal on, and throw in a few ice cubes. This will help to keep it clean.

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