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A highly rated TV Mounting Installation service near me for Indianapolis, Fishers, Greenfield, New Castle. So, whether you purchase an LCD, LED, Plasma or “curved screen” television, i can professionally install it for you!

Here are Four options for TV mounting installation

Choose one of these options (details and price further down)

  • Basic TV mounting
  • Standard TV mounting
  • Upgrade TV mounting (wires hidden)
  • Over the fireplace TV mounting near me (wires hidden or exposed)

Look at what you get with your TV installation –

  • The mounting bracket is securely mounted into studs.
  • We use a “UL certified” wall mount.
  • Make sure the TV is level.
  • Clean screen with non abrasive cloth.


• Basic TV mounting, using your mount and cables

$100.00  –  For Drywall surfaces, using your mount and cables. NO WIRES ARE HIDDEN. Add 25.00 for vinyl channel to hide wires


• Standard TV mounting installation using our mount

Wires are hidden in a plastic channel, NOT behind the wall. This INCLUDES—
1.  Fixed or tilting MOUNTING BRACKET (deduct 34.00 if you supply the mount).
2.  Determine the best position for your TV on the wall.
3.  Mount a fixed bracket to wall, hang TV and level.
4.  Connect the cables and hide in a vinyl channel.

hiding wires from the TV with surface mounted channel
Picture shows the wires hidden in a vinyl track.
Bracket for TV mounting installation
A typical tilting bracket for TV mounting installation


• Upgrade TV mounting installation with hidden cables

$265.00  (this is NOT for above fireplaces)
The Wires ARE hidden behind the drywall. INCLUDES—
1.  Fixed or tilting MOUNTING BRACKET. (deduct 35.00 if you supply the mount)
2.  Determine the best position for your TV
3.  Install electrical outlet in the wall behind TV
4.  Run cables behind the drywall
5.  Install bracket on the wall, hang TV and make sure it’s level.
6.  Connect the cables
7.  Take away boxes at your request


• “Over the fireplace” TV mounting installation

$150.00  for drywall surfaces, YOUR bracket and cables, wires NOT hidden. No TV’s bigger than 65″

$185.00  for drywall surfaces, MY bracket, wires NOT hidden.  No TV’s bigger than 65″

$400.00  for drywall surfaces. Wires ARE hidden. Includes fixed MOUNTING BRACKET. This is when there is no electrical outlet above the fireplace and the fireplace does NOT jut out from the wall. Any drywall repair that may be needed is included in the cost. NOTE: may not be feasible in some cases.

$235.00  for brick or stone surface. Wires NOT hidden. No bigger than 65″ TV, includes fixed mount. NOTE: We will only use OUR fixed mount for brick or stone surfaces.

Tv installed on brick fireplace by IndyInstallService

Flat screen TV mounting installation above fireplace
TV mounted above the fireplace
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TIP: If possible, have your TV checked before leaving the store. If not, at least plug it in and turn it on when you get home. You want to check the screen for damage BEFORE it is mounted!

Four useful tips for choosing and watching a TV:

1. If you have yet to purchase your TV, make sure you don’t buy one that is too big! For example, if you want television mounting installation above the fireplace, the TV should “fit” that area and not overpower it. With all the choices available, shopping for one can be a little overwhelming so, here is an excellent article about “Choosing the best TV for your needs”

2.Tilting bracket or Fixed? A tilting bracket just means that your TV can be tilted downward. As a result, it offers more flexibility. Especially when mounted higher on the wall or above your fireplace. A fixed bracket does not allow any tilt adjustment but some do allow the option to move up or down a couple of inches in case you want to change the height of the TV.

3. You don’t have to purchase “high end” HDMI cables. So, why pay $40.00 when a $10.00 cable will do the job? The “super slim cables” are a little more expensive but are really nice. They are easier to position and put less strain on the HDMI ports. If your cable box doesn’t have an HDMI port, use the DVI port. If a DVI port is not there, use the component jacks (green, blue and red for video, red and white for audio). Coax is your last resort, since it gives the poorest signal.

4. If you mount the TV too high, viewing comfort could be affected.

Ok, here are two more tips!

5. Do you have a lot of light in the room when watching television? If so, LED units may work better for you than a plasma.

6. Are you tired of using multiple remotes? If you answered yes, you can program your ATT U-verse remote or Comcast remote or Dish Network remote or Direct TV remote to control several devices!remote control for TV

 Warranty on the labor is 3 years.

Comments from one of our customers—

“This company has mounted four TV ‘ s on the wall and ceiling fans. Robert does a great job and his prices are below average with the service he provides. Therefore, I would recommend you give Robert because you will not be disappointed.”   Bryan Austin

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