Garage storage

You have many options for Garage storage. You could buy –

  • Free standing plastic or metal shelving units. These take up floor space
  • Wall cabinets made of composite wood. These swell up when they get wet.
  • Wall cabinets made of metal. These can be pricey.
  • Expensive melamine or laminate cabinets installed by a garage storage company.

Another option for garage storage-

Instead of considering one of the above options, you could also use Indy Install Service to install wood shelving made of OSB. That’s short for “oriented strand board”. It is not that expensive and depending on the depth of the shelves you want, you can get 2 to 4 “strips” out of a 4 by 8 sheet.

garage shelving made of wood
Wood shelving for your garage

Garage Shelving

The above picture is of wood garage shelving.The shelving is 16‚ÄĚdeep. There is a total of two 12 foot long shelves.The supports attach to the ceiling and were spaced according to the size of plastic totes the homeowner had on hand. Cost of materials is about 40.00. Labor to install this shelving would cost 140.00 for a total cost of 180.00. A big plus is that it does not take up floor space.

Wood Shelving for Garage

The wood shelving below was made to fit over a washer and dryer and still have room to remove a thick, pleated furnace filter (on right). There are four levels to this shelving. Since this shelving is thinner (7/16) furring strips were added under the front edge for strength.Notice that one level is above the door.The cost to install this unit would be slightly higher than the one above.

garage storage wood shelving
Custom fit garage shelving

So, Garage Storage does NOT have to be expensive. For your garage storage needs in indy,fishers,carmel,westfield or other towns in central Indiana, call Indy Install Service for a free quote. You can also send your wall measurements through the contact form.

By Robert

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